Why Wood?



   "Why wood?" is the first question I 'am asked about my bicycle frames.           Historially ,  of course,  the first bike frames were made from wood.   Using iron fittings and hardwoods,  the  entire bicycle was made from wood.  Even as late as the 1890's  bicycle frames  were made using bamboo and steam bent hickory.      Before the advent  of pneumatic tires,  these materials were used  to give the ridder a  comfortable ride.                                                                                                                                       With all the new high tech materials available , such as  aluminum , steel, titanium and carbon fiber, so why use wood?   , The same reason you would use these other  materials,   for their ride quality.                                                                                                                             What is ride quality?    Basically  it  refers to how  the frame responds  the  input  of the  ridder  and  the road.     When riding , does the ride feel  too harsh, so you feel every  bump in road?   Is there enough laterial stiffness to provide  an controled respondsive ride?  I have found wood can provide unique ride quality.   Wood as the feel and respondiveness of steel  and the ability to absorb bumps and road noise like carbon fiber.    Thus giving a very quiet  and controled ride without excessive laterial flex.